Our main suppliers are Dott. Nicola Coniglio and the associated farm Petruzzi Marilisa which produce their fruits and vegetables according to the production protocol GLOBAL-G.A.P. (Certificate n° CMi 039/794/1/08 GGN 4049929276697) (Reg. No. of CB: SATIVA EUR206UP GGN 4049928641441).
In order to ensure adequate social conditions for their employees, both farms obtained the implementation of the GRASP module, a kind of management and control system, whose indicators provide information about the company's ability to effectively implement good social practices. The attention of the GRASP module is focused, in particular, on some key issues, such as workers' representation, legal rights, the presence of written documentation (contracts, pay slips and wage setting, children's rights, working hours) and additional benefits.
Dott. Nicola Coniglio surl has recently obtained also the IFS certification. It offers a quality standard that combines safety and quality aspects. IFS Food blend food safety and quality criteria in a unique standard with the possibility to implement customized solutions based on the risk analysis. It is an acknowledgement of the company know how to manage its processes, supply a product that is safe from an hygiene and health point of view, in compliance with the existing legislation and the clients specifications.

certificate GLOBAL-G.A.P.

certificate IFS