The company Dott. Nicola Coniglio SURL was founded in 2007 by Dr. Nicola Coniglio in Adelfia, a town near Bari in South-Italy.
Adelfia, the location of our operational headquarters is situated in a strategic logistic position to process our products.
We deal with the marketing of fruit and vegetables that are typical of our region Puglia and commercialize in particular cherries, figs, table grapes and cauliflowers.
From May 2013, the company moved into the new headquarters, located in Adelfia as well, here we have more space to process, handle and store our products. The new building allows us to meet the most up-to-date international standards and to serve as best as we can our clients in terms of quality, quantity and service.

The new operating unit extends for 2500 square meters of covered area with air-conditioning; it has:
• 800 square meters processing room for cherries and grapes
• 900 square meters cold storage area made up of: cold storage front area, cooling tunnel (for rapid cooling of grapes), 2 cold storage rooms
• 300 square meters receiving dock
• 250 square meters packaging area

We have also the hydrocooler for rapid cooling of cherries.

For some years we have been marketing our products using the brand Il Coniglietto that is emerging in the Italian and foreign large-scale retail trade.